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Full Stack Developer & Project Manager

As a certified software developer, I have knowledge about many programming languages.I'm a Project Manager & Full Stack Developer (PHP & MYSQL & Javascript) for over 10 years , I have a lot of experiences regarding object-oriented programming and frameworks.

I have followed closely the new design techniques, I can say that I am an expert in HTML5 and CSS3. As well as being a WebFlow designer:

I have knowledge of open-source CMS and Javascript. I am familiar with LAMP, WAMP, XAMMP, GIT, SVN. I'm expert in Search Engine Optimization.

I lead my teams with services including design & development of websites, portals and social media pages as a project manager.

My recent experiences include working as Senior IT Expert / Consultant in EU projects for Italian and Austrian companies.

You can find details on my linkedin profile:

Looking for job opportunities in Europe. Don`t hesitate to contact me!
Mobile: +90 544 540 88 27


*Academy Certificate in Information Systems Management

*Aptech Certified Application Developer

*Academy Advanced Certificate in Information Systems Management



Alex Andreis

Branding and Promotion Expert, Eurecna
"It was a pleasure to work with Hürkan for over a year. All tasks where done in time and with best results. His approach is very professional and team-oriented. I recommend Hürkan as a expert to connect with."

Taha Yaycı 

Owner, TechN'arts
"Hurkan is a talented and very social person to work with. He is a good friend and also have outstanding ideas. He works perfectly with responsibilities met."

Ayberk Yurtsever

Press and PR Director, Netcad
"I know Hürkan as a very talented, open minded, ambitious and successful team player. He is very good at web design, social media, search engine optimization and all other related web issues. On his professional, he is quite a hardworking and good researcher workmate. So, he can get certainly my full recommendation."

Causes I care about:

Organizations I support:

Red Bull
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Ankara University

Astronomy, Physics, Maths (2002-2008)

Aptech Global Training Solutions

Programmer, Computerist, Developer (2004-2006)

*Academy Certificate in Information System Managements
*Aptech Certified Application Developer
*Academy Advanced Certificate in Information System Management

Top Skills

PHP, MySQL, Software Development, Web Development, HTML 5, CodeIgniter, Gamification, JavaScript, PHP Applications, jQuery, Databases, Programming, Portals, AJAX, Linux, CSS, NetBeans, phpMyAdmin,Android, SEO, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Apps, Astronomy, Eclipse, WAMP, Navicat, Mobile Applications,XML, GIS, Mobile Games, Java, Social Media Marketing, Web Applications, Pharmaceuticals Track and Trace System, Google Maps, JSON, SVN, Google, Online Research, Social Media, Geomatics, Confluence, Responsive Web Design


British Cultural Association 

Language Schools - Business English

Penn University


Aptech Global Training Solutions

Microsoft Office

Honors & Awards

Swimming Multiple (50+) medals in championships all over Turkey between 1992 - 2002

Basketball Medals in Ankara University championships between 2002-2008


Interlanguage Club


Interlanguage Club is an expats meeting point and interactive way to practice languages. It is a FREE organization.

6. National Sky Observation Fest Participant

TUBITAK, August 2003, Science and Technology, Saklıkent , Antalya

National Astronomy Congress Participant

Istanbul Kultur University, August 2006, Science and Technology, Istanbul

Google Local Guide

Level 6 Local Guide

As a Local Guide I'm part of a global network of like-minded people. Make the whole world feel like home. We find, explore, and share our experiences with other people.

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Work Experiences


Non Key Expert (Senior IT Expert) (May 2017 - Dec 2017)

Technical Assistance for development of winter tourism corridor of Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars, Turkey.

This project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

ATC Consultants GmbH

Non Key Expert (Senior IT Expert) (March 2017 - April 2018)

Technical Assistance for the project “Improvement of Winter Tourism Infrastructure in Yalnızçam, Ardahan”  Project reference: EuropeAid/136557/IH/SER/TR
(IPA Regional Development Component – Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme.)  

Beneficiary:  Governorship of Ardahan, Municipality of Ardahan, chairs and representatives of citizens assemblies, NGO representatives,citizens in the province of Ardahan.

This project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.


Co-Owner & Project Manager (March 2015 - Present)

I am a Co-Owner at BrainOG. The company provides services including analysis, interactive design, coding,  test & debugging and SEO & social media.Firstly analysis includes determination of modules, planning databases, identification of target, determining platforms like web,mobile or desktop. Interactive design includes 100% mobile-friendly website,mobile or app interface. Coding includes creating corporate web pages, developing portals , management panels and mobile applications, creating and installing forum pages and e-commerce sites. After coding, we carry out testing & debugging for all platforms, execute performance tests and sometimes external research for existing sites. Last service of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Social Media include branding, creating social pages, creating company/ product/ campaign pages, management, sharing and integration with all platforms.

Personal Achievements

I research new technologies and omg ideas for new projects. I manage and follow the progress of the project phase (analysis, design, coding, test & debugging,  digital marketing) I work as a back-end developer in projects. I develop panels/modules for users and administrators in projects.I make 100% mobile friendly UI design of websites and apps for corporate brands and famous people. I coordinate SEO and social media works.I support back-up, test and debugging if necessary.

Technical Environment


WebMaster & Social Media Strategist (February 2013 – March 2015)

I worked as an IT professional in public relations departmant at Netcad. The company develops software and engineering solutions for fields including GIS, mapping, urban planning, agriculture, geology, mining and forestry and offers approximately 30 GIS and CAD-based applications for desktop, web, mobile and cloud usage. It has developed applications for over 20.000 license-holders and more than 100.000 legal users around the world.

Personal Achievements

I recreated all of Netcad websites with new content and design, added language support and updated them to 100% mobile friendly versions.I created Netcad Developer Network which is available to all developers around the world. I worked on the establishment of necessary standards and gave the necessary training to all departments regarding the usage of Netcad Developer Network.Netcad Software User Manuals were only available on paperback. I created the Netcad Portal which allows users all around the World to reach digital versions of the standardized documentations of all Netcad Software User Manuals of all versions from first to last revised. So 20.000 Netcad users can reach all user manuals of Netcad Softwares 24/7. I coordinated all departmants for new portal and documentations.
I coordinated the creation and management process of all social media pages.

Technical Environment


Software Architect (January 2012 – January 2013)

I worked on an ITS (Pharmaceuticals Track & Trace System) project . TechN’arts is a leading company which differs from others with its strategy, working model, resource utilization and its approach to customer relations. This is managed by adding the system and needs analysis phases to the project management methodology which usually starts with the project planning phase. This way, the major focus is on consulting the companies lacking knowledge in information technology.

Personal Achievements

I worked on the development of a new framework. This framework is intended for quick and effective implemention of new projects.  Implemention of new projects quickly and effectively means saving time and money as well as putting less efford to achieve more.

We made improvements on Pharmaceuticals Track & Trace System and ensured the continuation of the operation. System is designed to guarantee and provide the reliable supply of every single drug unit which allows to prevent the sale of counterfeit drugs, the sale of smuggled drugs, the illegal sale of drugs, barcode scams and support the rational use of medicines. Besides we developed portal which is available for use by the pharmaceutical industry. We tested and debugged the system and the portal routinely.

Technical Environment


Software Architect (January 2012 – January 2013)

Maintain management related websites and applications, which required significant PHP and MySQL skills, working with Linux setups and the framework.

Personal Achievements

I managed and did maintenance of client websites. I built PHP websites using company’s own PHP-based framework and worked on back-end development of framework. I developed the functionality of the User Interface and increased compatibility. I developed websites using MySQL & PHP. I was responsible for system administration, including migration and consolidation of hosting platforms.

Technical Environment

For all experiences and details please visit my linkedin profile

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